"who is using Web3D?"
The current generation of ‘digital natives’ are fully conversant with
the evolution of web-based technology.  There are over 300 Web3D
platforms available today - many aimed at children and young
people. More interestingly though, advanced ‘user content created
worlds’ provide facilities for serious business users and have been
embraced by companies and organisations such as IBM, Cisco,
NATO and NASA. Virtual workspaces reintroduce the valuable
element of ‘being there’ that is often missing when a business
embraces the culture of telecommuting: They encourage a ‘team
sense’ and ‘personal engagement’ of the individual, and allow
globally distributed workforces to share ‘zones of influence’ and
resources. Higher education establishments are capitalising on the
enormous benefits available through immersive Web3D learning
techniques, with ‘top’ universities such as Princeton, Harvard,
Cornell, Nottingham, and Brunel, building extensive campuses